A Guide to Cleaning and Enhancing Your Brass Hand-Stamped Pet Tag



Your furry friend's brass hand-stamped pet tag is not just a piece of identification; it's a sentimental keepsake that captures the essence of your bond with your pet. Over time, these tags can accumulate dirt, grime, and tarnish, making them look less attractive and potentially less effective at keeping your pet safe. However, fear not! With a little care and attention, you can easily restore the shine and legibility of your pet's tag. In this blog, we'll provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to clean your brass hand-stamped pet tag and even add marker to the lettering for extra visibility.

Materials You'll Need:

Before you start cleaning and enhancing your brass pet tag, gather the following materials:

  1. Brass pet tag
  2. Mild dish soap
  3. Warm water
  4. Soft-bristle brush or toothbrush
  5. Soft, lint-free cloth
  6. Brass polish (optional)
  7. Clear nail polish
  8. Permanent marker 

Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning and Enhancing Your Brass Pet Tag:

  1. Remove the pet tag:

Start by removing the pet tag from your pet's collar. This will make it easier to clean and ensure that no cleaning solution comes into contact with your pet's fur or skin.

  1. Pre-soak the tag:

Fill a small bowl or container with warm water and add a few drops of mild dish soap. Place the brass pet tag in this soapy water and let it soak for 10-15 minutes. This will help loosen any dirt or grime on the surface.

  1. Scrub gently:

After soaking, use a soft-bristle brush or a toothbrush to gently scrub the brass pet tag. Be careful not to use anything abrasive, as it can scratch the surface. Pay extra attention to any crevices or stamped letters, as these areas tend to collect dirt and tarnish.

  1. Rinse and dry:

Once you've scrubbed the tag, rinse it thoroughly under running water to remove any soap residue. After rinsing, pat it dry with a soft, lint-free cloth. Make sure it's completely dry before reattaching it to your pet's collar.

  1. Apply brass polish:

If your pet tag has stubborn tarnish or discoloration, you can use a brass polish to restore its shine. Apply a small amount of brass polish to a soft cloth and gently rub the surface of the tag in a circular motion. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions when using brass polish. After polishing, rinse and dry the tag again.

  1. Enhance the lettering with marker:

To make the stamped lettering on the tag more visible, use a permanent marker. Color over the letters, leave for 30 seconds to a minute and rub the excess with some toiler paper. 

  1. Seal the tag (optional):

To prevent tarnish from forming on your pet's tag in the future, you can apply a thin coat of clear nail polish. This acts as a protective barrier against moisture and air, which are common causes of tarnishing in brass.

  1. Reattach the tag:

Once your pet tag is clean, enhanced, and dry, reattach it to your pet's collar securely.

Maintenance Tips:

To keep your brass pet tag looking its best, remember these maintenance tips:

  1. Regular cleaning and marker touch-up: Clean your pet's tag at least once a month and touch up the marker as needed to maintain legibility.

  2. Avoid harsh chemicals: Do not use abrasive or harsh chemicals on your brass pet tag, as they can damage the finish and make the tag less legible.

  3. Check for wear and tear: Periodically inspect the tag for any damage or wear. If the tag is too worn or damaged, it's a good idea to replace it to ensure your pet's safety.


Cleaning and enhancing your brass hand-stamped pet tag is a simple yet important task that helps maintain its appearance and functionality. With the right materials and a little TLC, you can keep your pet's tag looking shiny, readable, and enhanced, ensuring that your beloved companion stays safe and identified at all times. So, take a few minutes to give your pet's tag the attention it deserves, and it will continue to serve as a cherished keepsake and a valuable means of identification for your furry friend.

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