Five Off-Leash Dog Beaches in Melbourne that you must visit!

Five Off-Leash Dog Beaches in Melbourne that you must visit!

Off-Leash Dog Beaches in Melbourne

Melbourne is a dog-friendly city, and there are many off-leash beaches where you can let your furry friend run free. Here are some of the best off-leash dog beaches in Melbourne:

  • Port Melbourne Beach is a popular spot for dog owners, with a dedicated off-leash area between Station Pier and Lagoon Pier. The beach is also close to shops and cafes, so you can easily grab a bite to eat after your walk.

  • St Kilda West Beach is another popular option, with a wide sandy beach and plenty of room for dogs to run and play. The beach is also close to the St Kilda Esplanade, where you can find plenty of people-watching opportunities.

  • Middle Park Beach is a great option for dogs who love to swim, as the beach has shallow waters that are perfect for paddling. The beach is also open to off-leash dogs from 7:30am to 10am from November to March.

  • Sandringham Harbour is a peaceful spot where dogs can enjoy a walk along the waterfront. The harbour is also home to a number of ducks and other waterbirds, which will keep your dog entertained.

  • Beaumaris Yacht Club Beach is a small beach with a dedicated off-leash area. The beach is located in a beautiful setting, with views of the Mornington Peninsula.

These are just a few of the many off-leash dog beaches in Melbourne. If we missed one comment below so we can add it to our list!

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