Seed paper and how to plant it

Seed paper and how to plant it

We can’t thank you enough for supporting our small business and hope you visit again soon. At Aussie Paws Co., we are trying to be as eco-conscious as we can be and have made all of our packaging biodegradable. Our thank you cards are made from seeded paper that will grow in to flowers or herbs. Yes there actually are seeds in that paper! So, you are probably wondering what is seed paper and how do you plant it. Follow this guide below and soon you will have little seedlings sprouting up in your garden as our way of saying thanks for supporting us!


What is seed paper?

Seed paper is 100% recycled paper that has seeds embedded throughout. When you plant the paper, the seeds will grow and the paper will compost in the soil. The type of seedlings you get will vary, like a lucky dip!


How does it work?

Seed paper works just like planting regular seeds. The paper will decompose in the soil leaving you with seedlings that will grow into a range of different herbs, flowers and plants. You’ll be left with no waste, which is good for you and the environment.


How to plant your seed paper:

Simply soak the paper in water until soft. Once this is ready, cut it up and plant it in the garden or in a pot under a thin layer of soil. Maintain your seedlings by keeping them moist until they sprout. Your seeds will best grow in sunny conditions so consider your placement (indoors or outdoors) and the season before planting. Germination takes roughly a few weeks. Once you see sprouts, make sure to continue watering but do not over water.


Enjoy your new plants! We would love to see the final result so be sure to tag us in your socials or reach out to us at Thanks again for supporting our small business.


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