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Dog Puzzle Toy / Slow Food Feeder for mental Enrichment

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Introducing our Dog Puzzle Toy and Food Feeder, designed to provide your furry friend with fun, mental stimulation, and a delicious reward. These innovative toys are more than just playthings; they are a key to unlocking your dog's cognitive potential while keeping them entertained and well-fed. 

Key Features: 

  • IQ Training: These dog puzzle toys are designed to challenge your pet's intellect. With various compartments and puzzles, they encourage problem-solving and critical thinking. Dogs must use their wits to access the hidden treats.
  • Mental Enrichment: Mental stimulation is as crucial as physical exercise for your dog's well-being. Our Dog Food Feeder Toy engages their senses and cognitive skills, preventing boredom and reducing destructive behaviour.
  • Food Dispensing: These toys serve as a fantastic food dispenser. Fill them with your dog's favorite kibble or treats, and let them work for their meal. The slow-release feature ensures a gradual and rewarding eating experience, preventing overeating and promoting healthy digestion. (Note that it will not fit large kibble) 

Invest in the mental and physical well-being of your beloved dog with our Dog Puzzle Toy and Food Feeder. Make playtime more enriching and rewarding for your dog with our Dog Puzzle Toy and Food Feeder.


Suitable for cats, puppies and small to medium size dogs.

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