The Craftsman Range: What is vegetable tanned leather?

The Craftsman Range: What is vegetable tanned leather?

The Craftsman range is our premium range, for those that love quality products and the finer things in life. Made from vegetable tanned leather, the Craftsman range oozes excellence and is made from the most robust and durable leather products available – vegetable tanned leather. This leather is reserved for the highest quality products and is handcrafted by skilled artisans. Like the skilled craftsman, we design our products with a passion for excellence and attention to detail.

So why is this vegetable tanned leather better than genuine leather for my dog? Unlike other leather products that use chemicals, vegetable tanned leather is natural and better for your dog and you. The tanning process takes nearly two months to develop and uses natural products such as wood and bark to help with colouration of the leather. You’ll notice the woody and rich scents of nature in your new Aussie Paws Co. products that pays tribute to this natural process.

Vegetable tanned leather products are known for initially being very firm on first purchase but the best is yet to come! Over time, your product will become softer to touch, supple and will darken in colour as the natural colouring process continues to develop. What you’ll be left with is a stunning patina on your product that is unique and distinctive. We hope you and your fury friend enjoy your new Craftsman piece for many years to come.

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